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10 awesome wordpress social plugins that will take your blog to the masses

10 awesome wordpress social plugins that will take your blog to the masses
Social media can’t be ignored anymore. It has become one of the most important aspects of any business having a web presence. Primarily because it brings loads of traffic but what makes it even more important is that it helps your brand reach a very large and targeted audience. When someone likes/shares/tweets/diggs  your content it is a genuine word to mouth publicity. People want to know what their friends ‘like’ and there are some chances that they will like it too! So you get one more visit, may be a new subscriber, a customer or if nothing else , an outlet to reach even more audience. And all this without spending a dime! (well, in most cases).

Here at mimaye we have made a list of some of the most exciting and useful social plugins that wordpress has to offer. You don’t need all of them. Maybe a couple will suffice. Have a look and choose the one which makes the cut!

1) Add to Any

The most used plugin for social media! AddtoAny gives users an option to share/email/bookmark their favorite content on the web. With the ability to post on more than 100 social networking sites this plugin leaves no stone unturned when it comes to covering social networks. Not only that, the “email” tab helps users to simply send the post through email using any of the gmail, yahoo, aol etc. web based emailer(a good thing if your visitors are not too social media savvy). It’s simple bookmarking option can be a great traffic booster for your site as well!

2) ShareThis

ShareThis plugin allows a user to share a content through email or on more than 50 social networking sites. When you click on the sharethis button, a pop up opens in which you can enter a comment and share the link with one more social networks.

3) Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget helps your visitors to keep track of your blog/websites by following you on more than 50 social networks. You can provide link to your profile on each of these networks and when a visitor clicks on one of them he can follow you on that network. Social Media Widget come in 3 sizes, 4 icon styles, and 4 animations.

4) Social Slider

Another killer Social media plugin! Social slider plugin displays an expandable box which has link to more than 30 social networking sites. The box is placed on the left hand side by default but you can change this setting easily. The plugin takes minimal space on your page and only when a user hovers on that box, the box expands showing all the cool social sharing icons.

5) click retweet/share/like

The plugin I prefer. It doesn’t give you the option to post your article to a lot of networks but it covers all the important ones that bring you traffic. Along with that it also helps you to automatically publish your blog posts to 30+ networks, saving you time to login to facebook/twitter etc and spread the word.

6) socialize

Makes social bookmarking a lot easier and also give you the option to display the social networks  of your choice. It also has a subscribing/commenting option which can be of benefit when a reader lands on one of your most successful blog post.

7) social connect

Not a plugin that helps sharing your blog post but it does give a unique service – logging/commenting with reader’s own social network credentials. When a reader wants to be a part of your blog,  he doesn’t have to go through the tedious “register with us” page. He can simply login with his facebook/twitter/wordpress etc. account and post a comment or subscribe to your feed.

8) Social Metrics

Another interesting social plugin. It helps webmasters to see how and how much their blog post has been shared across different social networks. With this plugin you can track which of your post are doing well on social networks and which have failed to do so. Gives data in tabular form.

9) Image Share

A must for blogs which rely heavily on images to bring traffic. Image share plugin adds social network icons on the image itself, so that your readers can share the cool image even if the blog post is not attracting a lot of virality. Supports 15+ social networks with the ability to add more.

10) WP Social Toolbar

Allows your reader to share posts across various social networks. Not only that, it will display your tweets and list your social network profiles. A very editable plugin wherein you can change the color and font of the social icons and arrange them on just one page or on all the pages of your blog.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite social plugins. I would like to know which wordpress social plugins you use and why.
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